Thanks for checking out my work. I appreciate the kind words shared by people visiting this site and try to post new caricatures every week.
I have been drawing all my life, but in 2008 I found the International Society of Caricature Artists
and fell in love with caricatures. I work everyday to improve and hopefully you can see improvements from my first posts here on this blog.
Within the last months (as of August 09) I have stated working on commissions for private parties and corporations. I hope to continue to grow and produce works of art for magazines and other publications.
If your interested, please contact me.
I also do dj and karaoke work. You can also find me on facebook.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tom Richmond

Tom Richmond is an incredible artist for Mad magazine. I met him this November when i was at the National Caricature Network convention. Here is a drawing I did of him. I used a Batman theme because he owns his own REAL batman costume!

You can see his artwork from the list to the right of this column. Tom's MAD blog.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On Display

I posted a caricature a few weeks ago about a gentleman i met when i was in school in Pittsburgh. He lived across the street from me and was employed at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. His name is Dave. They had a retirement party for him, in which I would have liked to attend, but was not able. I did a caricature of him and e mailed it to the person planning the party. To my surprise they printed it and had it on display for him when he walked in. Here is a photo they sent me from the event.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


This is another caricature artist from the National Caricature Network. I will put the reference below.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grace from North Carolina

This is grace the Banquet Manager from the hotel where the National Caricature Network held their annual convention this November. There may be an update to this, after i get some feedback from the NCN

Monday, December 8, 2008

Going Live

Here are a few live caricatures i did over the weekend. This is what i love to do, just not scomfortable doing it yet. Working on it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ray Ramano versionII

Ray Ramano

Not sure why but these things seem to be showing up smaller than i would like them. I will try to correct that. Until then here he is.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Catching up a little

I know this blog has been mostly about caricatures, and i think that is a good thing, but i have been busy with other things. Start with a couple of Sundays ago. I went with a friend to a club in Chambersburg. There was karaoke and we went to find it. When we got there at 8, they told us it didn't start until 10, so we hung around. I had a sketchbook and started drawing. A couple of women saw me and came and talked to me. I did a drawing of one of the woman's daughters, which i did not get a picture of, but gave it to her anyhow. Her name was Deb and rewarded me with an uncountable amount of hugs.. umm thanks for that to. I didn't really dig the karaoke so much. I thought the sound was a little off so i sang one song and then sat and did my drawing thing. I was told toward the end of the night to do one of the bartender, which is pictured here. I forget her name, but she was very nice. You can't see it in her smile or in the drawing i did but she said "just don't draw my chipped tooth", at which point i drew it. A lot larger than it reall was, since i never even noticed it. I had a great time there drawing and hope to go back and do it again one night. Next we have a photo of the Hooters girl i had posted earlier. I gave the photo to her and i think she liked it. Wait, i know she liked it. She was kind enough to let me take this photo. I have had a few other Hooters girls now ask me to do a drawing of them. And will i do it? Hey i need the practice! I am hoping to do a drawing of the owner of Hooters in State College and Altoona. Sam man i believe. In 2004, i did a doodle of the owner, not knowing who it was. It was so bad i left it lay. Now if you go to Hooters in Altoona, you can see it hanging in a frame there! It's HORRIBLE!! This past Saturday night i played at the Eagles Nest in Broad Top. It was another night where something big was happening, at another bar. It was pretty beat and i thank Jeff and the gang there for calling me back after, well not too good of a crowd. They believe and so do i, that one night we will hit it when nothing is going on at another bar. Last time i was there, there was a huge part somewhere in saxton with three bands and all you could drink. So anyhow, i did meet a couple of nice people vising from the philadelphia area. I don't remember the names, but you can see them pictured above. Thanks for DANCING!
One more picture now. This was taken on Sunday night at the Arena in State College. It is another Karaoke night. I did a few drawing, but this is the only one that i got to take a picture of. Again when some people saw me drawing they ask me about drawing them. I did a couple. One woman was celebrating her 30th birthday. I did not get a picture of that. Another one i did was of a man sitting with a ponytail. I got the waitress to give him the picture and he laughed for a few minutes. I Think that was a good thing. At the end of the night walking to the car, the woman pictured was with the man with the ponytail. The were boyfriend and girlfriend, "who'd a thunk it"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

al hitch mon

Something i am working on. I may go back and do some work to it. Waiting to get some feedback from the NCN Forum.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

007 Take 2

I saw some things that needed changed and had some advice for some change so here is an updated version.

Monday, November 17, 2008

James Bond

The most recent 007 movie did so well over the last weekend, i thought i should do a drawing of it.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Caricature Convention

WOW! What a week i had. I went to the National Caricature Network Annual Convention last week in the beautiful city of Raleigh North Carolina. I would like to tell you that i visited all the attractions and saw everything there was to see but i didn't. I saw the hotel where i was staying and a couple restaurants. The rest of the time i was being amazed and educated. There was close to two hundred caricature artists there. I just tried to absorb as much as i could. It was awesome people, Joe Bluhm, Tom Richmond, Jason Seiler, Jan Op De Beeck, jsut to name a few. I could go on and on for hours about the convention, but I will leave that for another time. I did want to post a couple of photos. The first is a caricature of me. I am terrible with names but the man who did this was a real good duy and as you can see a great artist. I was a pretty popular subject if nothing else. There mist have been 15 caricatures of me on the walls. I would have liked to nab them but have to leave the convention before the last event so i missed getting them. In anycase It was a blast. Oh i did meet one of the workers at the hotel and I think got to be friends. So i can post a photo of her. Her name is Grace.

Now as soon as i got home, yes at 3 in the morning i wanted to draw. I have been drawing as much as i can and have kind f a new love and definate goals for the upcoming year. I have done a couple. One is of a man i met in Pittsburgh while attending school His name is Dave. He was in charge of alumni at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He was also a neighbor and lived right across the street from me. He is retiring or may be retired by the time of this post. First the caricature. After the caricature the reference photo, which i found online somewhere. Dave is a good guy who always treated me nice. I am sure he will be missed at the Art Institute.
I will have a lot more posts coming in the near future. Maybe not a lot of explaining what this is or what that is. Maybe just drawings. I really want to thank all the other artists at the convention that took time to explain and tutor me. I have plans for the next convention and hope to at least make a better showing than my face, whic is great for caricaturing (so i was told, "You have a lot to work with." not sure if that is good or bad). More coming soon!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ready For Con

The first week in November is the National Caricature Network National Convention. This year, my first year as a member of the NCN, I am going! Here is one of the members of the NCN, maybe i will meet next week. It is in Raliegh North Carolina and I can't wait. Caricature artist Chip Mock of State College said if I go "It will change your life".

Monday, October 13, 2008


I have not done a "weekend update" kind of post in a while, but had a pretty good time this week. Thursday I was at Ronnies's Place for the Thursday Night Karaoke. I had the pleasure of hearing a man sing I use to work with in State College. I use to run sound at a couple of places, the Crowbar, now the Cell Block, and the Saloon, Still the Saloon. One of the bands i worked with was Code Blue, a blues band that I enjoyed. The singer was and i believe still is Robo Vaughn. Thursday, Robo had dinner and sang several songs I remember him singing with Code Blue.
Friday night it was a packed night at the Mount Union V.F.W. I am back at the Vets every Friday. I think this was my third or forth week back since a summer break. I was a little worried about getting a crowd back after taking the summer off. This week was excellent. At the end of this month, Friday the 31st the Vets is planning a giant Halloween Party. A scary Scaraoke dance party. You can get tickets in advance for the party and then become eligible for some cool door prizes or you can just show up that night. A costume is not required but encouraged.
Saturday evening and night I spent with the Class of Juniata Valley from 1993. While there I did a few caricatures. When I did them, they did not know I was doing them and kinda did them as a surprise. They are the caricatures you see through this post.
I am on the countdown to the National Caricature Networks annual convention. It will be the first one I have ever attended and i am excited to think of what I will be able to learn there.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Couple Caricatures

Here a re a few caricatures i have been working on. One of Barney Frank, politician and a member of the United States House of Representatives. He has been in the news a fair amount lately so I thought it was a good time to try a caricature of him.
The next caricature is of a friend i have known for at least 20 years. A true fan of rock and.....roll. Andy.
The third is of Sidney Crosby. I for the first time in my life caught the season opener of the Pittsburgh Penguins. No, I was not at the game i saw it on tv and thought, why not do a caricature. Funny how i think that a lot. Hope you like.

Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Been A While

Ok not excuse, no reason for not updating this. Just on the lazy side maybe?
After this weekend and the second wedding reception I have done DJ work, i thought I should at least put something. I have been working hard at improving my caricatures and have made reservations for the National Caricature Network Convention in Raliegh North Carolina, later this year.
I always like to add photos, you know one picture is worth a thousand words. The first photo is one of a fawn that was along side of the road.
This little guy had a twin along side, but I was not fast enough to capture it.
I took only a few pictures a the weddings from the last two week and threw them into a slide show.

I will add more later. Thanks for looking

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's Been A While

So it has been a couple weeks since i have updated the blog. I have been busy working on a few web sites and drawing of caricatures.
I am going to post a few that i think are ok. I have several more that i am not impressed with and they will remain...hidden.
First Sarah Palin the republican candidate for Vice President

The next is MSNBC host and Obama supporter Keith Olberman
Vice pesident candidate Joe Biden

And finally one of Beauh Hafford a caricature artist from the National Caricature Network.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How Do You Like Me Now?

I like Toby Keith, so here is a shot at his caricature!