Thanks for checking out my work. I appreciate the kind words shared by people visiting this site and try to post new caricatures every week.
I have been drawing all my life, but in 2008 I found the International Society of Caricature Artists
and fell in love with caricatures. I work everyday to improve and hopefully you can see improvements from my first posts here on this blog.
Within the last months (as of August 09) I have stated working on commissions for private parties and corporations. I hope to continue to grow and produce works of art for magazines and other publications.
If your interested, please contact me.
I also do dj and karaoke work. You can also find me on facebook.

Monday, October 18, 2010


This was drawn for a caricature contest on Facbook. There is a weekly challenge. Sometimes I get a chance to participate, sometimes i don't. This week was fun.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A New Weekly Feature?

I was thinking, since I posted a person singing karaoke last week, why not do it again this week. This was shot with my iphone, so the quality is that of an iphone....3gs at that. so enjoy!

Friday, October 15, 2010


I saw this shot of Carin and thought it would make a cool drawing. I didn't spend a lot of time on it and could have made more exaggeration, but for what it is i was ok with it.
I think it would make a cool add for ..umm red suspenders?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Corina Landrum singing Simple Man

This was shot from my point and shoot camera, so the quality is not its best. The sound is way off also. Again, I was using a point and shoot camera, she was behind the speakers and it does not do her voice justice. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Caricature Gift

Someone suggested I make caricatures available though my website and Facebook. So here it is. If you are interested I even set up a pay pal account for you to pay for them. I will do them from photos that you provide. I do have to reserve the right to say "hey that is not a good enough picture", and return your money. When it is complete I will send you by email a small picture of it. We can then make arrangements for it to be picked up or sent to you. Umm, you will have to pick up the postage. I love to draw these things and hope you find they look like the person you want me to draw, but understand they are to be a little funny. I hope Max didn't mind but as I thought about making this post, I saw it was his birthday so I used him as a subject and as a sample here.
The paper that i use is 11x14 for individuals and 14x17 for 3 or more faces. I have paypal set up for 1 to 4 faces but have done more. If you want more thank four faces, just pay through paypal a second time for the additional faces.
This is the first time I have tried this so we will see how it flies. I hope to post some of the pictures as I do them and THANKS!

Order here and please include your email or facebook ID so I can contact you.

Number of Faces