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I have been drawing all my life, but in 2008 I found the International Society of Caricature Artists
and fell in love with caricatures. I work everyday to improve and hopefully you can see improvements from my first posts here on this blog.
Within the last months (as of August 09) I have stated working on commissions for private parties and corporations. I hope to continue to grow and produce works of art for magazines and other publications.
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

P P P Pokerface Lady Gaga

A little Lady Ga Ga. Emphases on the "little". Not much of a lady. Took about three hours from rough to finish. I think i could have more fun pulling out more details in her hair and using a few more layers to make it look more realistic, but I didn't want to spend more time on it.

A weedin and a caricature

Seems like this summer is going to a busy summer for weddings. I have a lot more than usual, or at least it seems. Maybe it is because the weather is still cool and i have already played three weddings.
Yesterday I was at the Shaver's Greek Fire Hall, (fire hall is a Pennsylvania place for Wedding Receptions, ha!). Got there at 3 and started music at 4. It was the wedding of Amanda Kipphan and Todd Brown. They went to Vegas and got married. Had the reception last night. It was a good time, even though i was a little tired. Had a late night the day before and an early morning.
Started looking at the faces and picking one out to get a warm up caricature done and as I played the music during dinner I knocked out one or two roughs. As the different traditional elements of the wedding reception took place I did a few more drawing. I will post them here, although I did not get pictures of all of them.
I did these just for fun and do not have pics of the subjects. Sorry
About the caricatures. The top one of the man holding the beer was a fun drawing. Later i was told that within the last few weeks this man had open heart surgery, so after the drawing was given to him, I had a good conversation and we shared stories about both being under the knife.
The second drawing I did when i saw this guy come in. I think i started it before he sat down. When i first looked at him, I thought it looked like his forehead sloped back and i tried to capture that. He had a pretty heavy tone to his face where he had shaved and shaved his head. I tried to pick that up with a blue color over the peach. The flash when I took the picture kind of washed that out.
I think the next two were brothers. I did them because they were in line of site. The man with the glasses had his son along and had ask me to draw him. They left before i had the chance to do so. The man without glasses had some writing on his hat but i was not able to see it. I took artistic license and substituted it.
The next picture of the girl with braces ask me to do one of her and because i was still DJing, I said the only way she could get one was if she danced the whole time. She did, but I don't think she was thrilled about it. I tried to reflect that in the drawing.
The last one, was the last one. It was almost 11:30 and i was beat, but i just caught a glimpse and went for it. Again the colors are washed out a bit because of the flash, as all the pictures are, but i was happy with the drawing.
Hope you enjoyed!